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(Last Updated: November 2007)

Top Ten Firefox Add-ons

By eoecho.com | Custom Media Publishing

This Top 10 Firefox Add-ons list is based on a review of a dozen or so Firefox Add-on lists plus my favorites. Although choosing the best add-ons is becoming a personal preference given there are literally thousands available, the most popular add-ons are usually the most refined.

Try a few and stick with the ones that enhance your surfing experience, save time on repeated tasks, and don't require a lot of maintenance.

You might want to bookmark this page; better yet, download the MyStickies add-on below and post a sticky note on this page. The add-on is simple to install and easy to use. We'll provide regular updates as long as the developers keep creating more add-ons - they must never sleep.

NOTE: There are now more then 10 Firefox Add-ons listed. We're adding new ones to the top of the list as they are reviewed. The list is not in any particular order - the last Firefox add-on listed is just as good as the first one listed. If you have any questions, drop on back to my blog here and leave a comment. Enjoy!



by Jacob Wright

MyStickies allows you to place sticky notes all over the web and organize them with tags. You can view, sort and edit your notes with their free web based tool: www.mystickies.com

I use this add-on everyday and all day. Sorting and listing all of your sticky notes in on place is awesome. Say goodbye to bookmarks.

(added to list January 2007)




by Geoff Smith

StumbleUpon makes it extremely easy to surf the best-reviewed sites on the web. It is by far the best collaborative surfing tool for browsing I've encountered.

Once loaded the add-on allows you to review and share great sites with like-minded people. Also, the program pre-loads websites so you don't waste much time waiting on new sites (you can change this setting). I have already found a ton of awesome sites using StumbleUpon.

(added to list February 2007)




by Ara Agopian

Map+ enables you to quickly view a map of a selected address in Firefox without changing windows or tabs. An entry to the context menu renders a quick, embedded Yahoo! map of your highlighted address. You can also customize aspects of the map display, including window location, height, and width.




by Gomita

This Firefox extension helps you save Web pages or snippets of pages and then easily manage collections. Key features are:

  • Save Web page
  • Save snippet of Web page
  • Save Web site
  • Organize the collection in the same way as Bookmarks
  • Full text search and quick filtering search of the collection
  • Editing of the collected Web page
  • Text/HTML edit feature resembling Opera's Notes




FireFTP 0.94.6
by Mime Cuvalo

FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers.

Along with transferring your files quickly and efficiently, FireFTP also includes more advanced features such as: directory comparison, syncing directories while navigating, SSL encryption, file hashing, and much more.


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by Performancing

Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor that sits right in your Firefox browser and lets you post to your blog easily. You can drag and drop formatted text from the page you happen to be browsing, and take notes as well as post to your blog.

The file itself was written by Jed Brown, and coordinated by Nick Wilson, both of Performancing LLC.




VideoDownloader 1.1.1
by Javi Moya

Download videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion, and numerous other video sites. The add-on allows you to download all embedded objects on a webpage directly (movies, mp3s, flash, quicktime, etc). This is a popular Firefox add-on.

VideoDownloader adds a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of your firefox window and a toolbar button.




IE Tab
by PCMan

IE Tab allows you to embed Internet Explorer (IE) in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox.

This is a great tool for web developers given you can easily see how your webpage displays in IE, then tab back over to Firefox.




Tab Catalog
by SHIMODA Hiroshi

Shows thumbnail-style catalog of tabs. If have numerous tabs working at one time - like I do always - you'll love this extension. Mousing over the Tab Catalog icon or hitting Alt-Tab displays a page that shows each window's open tabs; you can quickly access any page by clicking the thumbnail.



Web Developer
by Chris Pederick

Web Developer adds a menu and a toolbar with various Web developer tools to the browser. The tools allow the user to disable, view, and edit cookies, CSS, HTML, forms, and images; validate pages; and much more.




Adblock Plus
by Wladimir Palant

Ever been annoyed by all those ads and banners on the internet that often take longer to download than everything else on the page? Install Adblock Plus now and get rid of them. Right-click on a banner and choose "Adblock" from the context menu - the banner won't be downloaded again. Or click Adblock Plus icon in the toolbar to see all elements of the page and block the banners. You can use filters with wildcards or even regular expressions to block complete banner factories.



by The Sage Team

Sage helps you discover and read RSS and Atom feeds from your favorite websites. I like this add-on because it is simple and easy to use. Watch your friends’ blogs, or stay on top of hundreds of online publications with notification of new content and easy-to-read newspaper-like rendering.



Additional Resources

Here are a few of the website lists we resourced to build the Top 10 Firefox Add-ons list provided above:

Read/Write Web: Top 10 Firefox Web 2.0 add-ons
A link back to a post we informed our readers of last year. This list includes great add-ons for RSS, effective browsing, and bookmarking.

Download.com: Best Extensions For Firefox 2

About.com: Top 10 Firefox Extensions
Includes articles about Firefox extensions and plug-ins (time consuming to review).

Irfan Habib: My top 10 Firefox Extensions
Includes a serious list for serious Firefox users.

The Simple Dollar: 10 Firefox Plug-Ins That Can Save You Money
Interesting twist for shopaholics.

CyberNet: 10 Great Firefox Extensions for Tabbed Browsing
This CyberNet list of Firefox extensions is a good one.

The Moleskin: Firefox Extensions for Web Developers
If you're a developer, The Moleskin has a great list for you.

Mozilla: 10 Most Popular Firefox Add-ons
Most popular doesn't always mean the best add-ons for you, but popular add-ons usually have all of the bugs worked out so check this link - which is the source for Firefox add-ons.

Lifehacker: Top Firefox Configuration Tweaks
This is a tutorial that provides "how to" examples for tweaking Firefox settings. You can make changes to the Firefox settings and eliminate the need for some of the add-ons or plug-ins.

Top 10 List of Top 10 Firefox Add-on Lists
Site provides a "list of websites" that have prepared "Top 10 Firefox add-on" lists. In other words, the site provides a reference list to other sites. We reviewed several of the sites on this list for our post. Thank Rafe Needleman for this November 12, 2006 post.

What Is A Firefox Extension or Add-On?
A brief explanation of Firefox extensions and add-ons at the About.com website.

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