True auto enthusiasts know this product and many rave about it. But, did you know there is an official “Fan Club” website for this product? What is the product and what is it used for?

Let’s start with the uses:

  • Helps clean sidewalls on tires
  • Removes tar from chassis
  • Removes decals from windows and bumper
  • Removes insects from front grill
  • Loosens stuck keys on TV remote control
  • Removes grease from clothing
  • Removes adhesive tape without damaging factory paint
  • Helps hone cylinder walls
  • Prevents corrosion of spark plug cables
  • Removes sludge from outside engine block
  • Cleans and protects chrome on cars
  • Helps remove brake dust from wheels
  • Restores shine on classic cars
  • Cleans marks from rubber surfaces
  • Removes greasy fingerprints from car interior
  • Removes silly putty stuck on car seats

Ok, you guessed it. There are WD40 Fan Club Board members! And, if you go to the site there is a downloadable WD40 Spray Game you can try.