It is smart to avoid exposure to asbestos, period. By law most professional auto shops must follow OSHA regulations. They are mandatory measures that employers must implement for brake and clutch inspection, disassembly, repair, and assembly operations. But how about the do-it-yourselfer or home mechanic?

The risk of asbestos exposure is real and the health risks are serious. In addition to being a custom publisher and management consultant, I spent a dozen or so years as an environmental consultant. Asbestos was always one of the potential environmental hazards we considered when conducting industrial audits. And, that was ten years ago.

As recently as last month, EPA published a "draft" brochure concerning asbestos risks for home mechanics. First, I wondered what the hell took EPA so long to address this issue? Next, I wondered if I and my fellow auto enthusiasts were at risk working in the garage.

I replaced my brakes this past weekend. And, yes, I was glad I had a little extra knowledge concerning asbestos when completing the job. I created an asbestos information page for those of you that would like to learn more about the recommended procedures for reducing your asbestos exposure risk.

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