Have it your way. When AMG’s high-performance modifications just aren’t enough for you, now you can request special equipment and additional components directly from Stuttgart.

Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division is creating a Performance Studio to support enthusiast models. During an interview with Volk Mornhinweb, CEO of AMG, conducted by Alistair Weaver (Edmunds’ Inside Line), MBUSA clarifies their direction.

In a recent MBUSA press release Mornhinweb said,

“We are receiving ever more requests for more dynamic models, special equipment features and specific components. The Performance Studio makes it possible for us to meet these requests in particular models. We plan to transfer technologies, from cars like the FIA safety car and the medical car used in F1 from the racetrack, into these high-end models.”

AMG’s new Performance Studio is divided into three tiers: Signature Series, Black Series, and the standard Edition line. Although not currently available in the United States, the first Signature Series auto is the CLK DTM.

AMG is developing a successor to CLK DTM planned for launch within the next two years that will meet U.S. regulations.

The Black Series: the first car to be developed in this series is the SLK55 Black Series. According to Volk Mornhinweb, each year AMG will produce a hundred Black Series cars.

The Edition line is based on standard AMG production models and will concentrate on appearance enhancements.

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