VIRGINIA, Oct. 12 – eoecho.com | PR News – As an ongoing marketing promotion, Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) released Mixed Tapes 14; an hour’s worth of free music. Fifteen new MP3 files are available for free download until the next release, which is slated for December. You can listen to all songs online then select the songs you like or download the entire CD at: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape.

This marketing promo keeps the Mercedes-Benz brand in front of prospects and existing customers year round. The marketing strategy includes an email subscription offer that alerts you when the next release is available. Don’t bother trying to download the files on the day you get their announcement; download speeds come to a crawl due to site traffic – wait a week or so. MP3’s are large files; 78 megs of data if you download the entire CD at once. Download individual songs if you don’t have a high-speed Internet connection.

There are now literally thousands of websites where you can “legally” obtain free music for your iPod and/or your home computer, which in turn can easily be connected to your home or AMG stereo system. Laptops or desktops can be connected with a simple audio cable plugged into the audio output (PC) and the stereo input jack – or wireless connections can be used. You can also burn a CD and listen to the music in your car. Inexpensive systems are available for connecting your car stereo to you iPod or any other portable music player.

Via the Internet, you can also listen to hundreds of radio stations, iTunes, or songs from social networks such as MySpace, YouTube…the list is endless. Why listen to only local radio stations or pay for satelite radio when there is a huge selection of music available online for FREE!