Do you need to know what all of those numbers mean? If you have a Mercedes-Benz manufactured after 1980, then check out the Mercedes-Benz Club of Russia website. There is a free online VIN decoder – from Russia with love! Here is an excerpt from the site:

This service is primarily intended as a first aid in choosing and acquiring a Mercedes-Benz car. We also consider it to be our contribution into fighting stolen cars sales. We believe that detailed car data should be available to potential car buyer, as these are already accessible to criminals anyway. It is a well-known fact that Mercedes-Benz cars are very popular among automotive criminals and frauds. It is typical for them to forge vehicle identification, factory plates, documents, re-finish cars and change their options. It is also common for legitimate car owners to add or remove options, change interior and exterior finishing or introduce other changes into car design. < < MORE >>

For other vehicles check out the article page here. We have a general VIN decoder article on the list.

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