If you're one of many people bothered by the current state of Mercedes-Benz perceived "quality," you'll enjoy this Fortune article by Alex Taylor III at CNN.com. Here's the link and a few excerpts:

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Mercedes vs. Consumer Reports at CNN.com


First some background: For the 2007 edition of its New Car Preview, Consumer Reports surveyed its six million subscribers about what serious problems they had with the cars they own. Some 1.3 million responded and the results weren't good for Mercedes-Benz.

In a listing of the least reliable luxury cars, based on 2006 models, three of the six cars are Mercedes: the old S-class (prior to the recent redesign), the CLS and the E-class Sedan.

Mercedes has the worst record of any automaker with that many models. For a brand that claims to be "engineered like no other car in the world," that is fairly frightening.