VIRGINIA, Dec. 7 – eoecho.com | PR News – As an ongoing marketing promotion, Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) released Mixed Tapes 15; an hour’s worth of free music. Fifteen new MP3 files are available for free download until the next release, which is slated for February 2007. You can listen to all songs online then select the songs you like or download the entire CD at: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape.

This marketing promo keeps the Mercedes-Benz brand in front of prospects and existing customers year round. To increase the effectiveness of the campaign, MB offers an email subscription that alerts you when the next release is available.

Don’t bother downloading the files on the day you get their announcement; download speeds come to a crawl due to site traffic – wait a week or so. MP3’s are large files; 78 megs of data if you download the entire CD at once. Download individual songs if you don’t have a high-speed Internet connection.

From the MB marketing newsletter:  

Mixed Tape 15 now online – the latest urban sounds on the move!

Once again, our editorial team has picked out the cream of international new talents for you to discover. Simply visit http://www.mercedes-benz.com/mixedtape to explore, download and enjoy 15 exceptional new releases.

Among the latest crop of international newcomers, it is the youngest that cause the biggest splash: While headliner Ben Westbeech enjoys the unanimous respect of London’s radio scene, the not-so-secret future queen of UK garage and dubstep, 21-year-old Lady Destiny, juggles music with journalism, college studies and her own radio show.

Not to forget California’s sassy hip-hop duo Diva’s Harmony, whose younger half still attends high school. Compared to these hyper-talented youngsters, British duo My Toys Like Me and Norwegian singer Kristin Hild might seem almost grown-up, yet their uniquely infectious soul and pop gems are equally ahead of their peers.

Please note – to keep up with the ever-changing music scene, Mixed Tape updates its selection of tracks every ten weeks: from February 27th, 2007 the URL will feature Mixed Tape 16 with a great range of new musical surprises.