Mercedes-Benz' marketing department understands the value of building relationships with the company's existing and target customers. They also understand the most cost-effective delivery channel for this marketing tactic is the Internet.

Mixed Tape, an email marketing program by Mercedes-Benz USA, has just launched the 23rd compilation of free MP3 music files for your listening pleasure while tooling around in your AMG. In addition, they have significantly expanded the program with their online TV show featuring audio-visual highlights from around the world.

Here's the current press release and a link to the free music files for those interested:

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape FREE MP3 files, AMG Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts

Mixed Tape 23 and a new edition of Mixed Tape Music Magazine – now online

Be among the first to watch edition #9 of the Mixed Tape Music Magazine on our dedicated online TV platform. And there is more: Check out Mixed Tape 23 with a cool selection of brand new tracks.

Every eight weeks, Mercedes-Benz not only presents ten handpicked tracks by international newcomers for you to check out and explore as a free download compilation at For added visual delights, we give you Mixed Tape Music Magazine, an innovative monthly online TV show featuring audio-visual highlights from around the world.

This month's motto says it all: "Hip-Hop Don't Stop". It was almost thirty years ago that Hip-Hop evolved from its underground roots to grip mainstream consciousness with "Rapper's Delight" – and it hasn't let off ever since.

We give you the latest music videos by up-and-coming talent Jendor from California, Amsterdam's Pete Philly & Perquisite and New York's resident hipsters the Retro Kidz – plus a true classic by West Coast heroes The Pharcyde. In addition, look out for the first five artists from our Mixed Tape 23 download compilation!

Hip Hop Don't Stop? Judge for yourself on Mixed Tape Music Magazine #9! 
Mercedes-Benz USA Mixed Tape: