AMG Mercedes-Benz SL500 - 2006: AMG Market | Mercedes-Benz EnthusiastsThe AMG Driving Academy was established to give AMG Mercedes-Benz drivers the opportunity to hone their driving skills under professional guidance and to experience unforgettable events with like-minded enthusiasts. The driving program offers several events that allow ambitious AMG enthusiasts to improve their car control and further enhance their driving safety. Bernd Schneider, the former DTM, ITC and FIA GT champion is a recent addition to the team of experienced instructors.

Founded by Mercedes-AMG in 2007, the AMG Driving Academy consists of five different programs: EMOTION, BASIC, ADVANCED, PRO and MASTERS; everything from lifestyle-oriented events and courses which take the participants through their first experience of driving at the limit, all the way to intensive race circuit training.

The AMG Driving Academy is offered on several dates at various venues.

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM: Press Release with additional details here.


AMG Driving Academy - Palm Beach and other venues and dates for Mercedes-AMG enthusiasts

As the driver of an AMG Mercedes you can look forward to a high degree of safety and driving fun.  AMG enthusiasts can participate in one of the events throughout 2009 and 2010. For more info, call the AMG Driving Academy at + 49 (0) 7144 302–575 or visit the AMG Driving Academy website here. To receive AMG Market updates via email, subscribe here and you’ll be the first to receive the updates.