Mixed Tape Free MP3 music files from Mercedes-Benz, AMG Mercedes-Benz EnthusiastsThe Mercedes-Benz “Mixed Tape” marketing program has been giving away free MP3 tunes for a few years now. Every eight weeks Mercedes-Benz offers ten new tracks of talented young musicians for free download. Past editions are not available but you have plenty of time to get the current release (available for eight weeks).

Warning: The entire 10 tracks are in a zip file, which is a 76 meg download. Unless you have a high-speed connection don’t bother trying to download such a huge file.

Here’s an excerpt of the latest Mixed Tape newsletter with the link to download the free music tracks provided by artists throughout the world:

With its masterful handling and agile elegance, Mercedes-Benz’s latest sports model, the slinky SLS AMG, takes the driving experience to a new level.

The soundtrack to this exceptional test drive, Mixed Tape 28, also pursues new, groundbreaking routes between the continents, genres and styles. In their quest for the perfect sound, some of our ten select newcomers have crossed state boundaries and even oceans to find their own signature style, the right collaborators – or simply themselves.

Our listeners can take a less roundabout route: just visit www.mercedes-benz.tv/mixedtape for a shortcut to the latest installment of our free download compilation.

So, buckle up and enjoy this musical test drive!

Your Mercedes-Benz Team