Our new friend, Peter King sent us this notice about a free Driving Instructors Podcast. Here is the news for those interested (UK based operation):

This email is aimed at driving instructors within the UK, and those associated with the industry. If you fall outside of that category, then please accept my apologies for contacting you and unsubscribe from this email list by sending a reply to this email with Unsubscribe as the subject line.

Full details about DIPOD can be found at www.dipod.co.uk including the ability to listen to the podcast online.

So we have re-started the Driving Instructors Podcast (DIPOD), which is a free podcast aimed, surprisingly enough, at Driving Instructors (that’s hopefully you!). I have been busy trying to source as many email addresses as I can that belong to driving instructors, and yours is one of those. I have made a massive list of them all and put them in my email program, and intend to use the list to let you know when a new installment of the podcast is online.

The new show (Show 1 of the 2nd series) is now online and ready for ! consumption. In this first show I am joined by a couple of hopefully regular contributors, Nick Ibbott and Steve Rigby. Even if you don’t have a sound card, it is possible to either download the mp3 and listen to it on a player or burn it to a CD and listen to it in the car.

Visit the website www.dipod.co.uk!

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

With many thanks,
Peter King