Although the Mercedes-Benz video features two Formula One racing legends, you won’t see any burning rubber. In fact, the video was shot on a snowy road in the mountains but it still garnered over 600,000 video plays. The high number of views placed the Benz commercial, produced by, on AdAge’s top ten “Viral Video Chart” – just above an Old Spice video I might add:

SOURCE: — Now that we are all back from the holidays, making resolutions on our efficiency and work ethic, it’s fitting that a Mercedes-Benz video entered our video chart this week, featuring two Formula One drivers racing along on the side of a snow-covered mountain. Even for those of us, like me, who don’t follow the sport, the video makes its point with one car getting in front of another as the speedier driver shakes his head saying, “I knew it! Sunday driver,” only to be cut off by a third car, a woman in a Mercedes SUV shaking her own head saying, “I knew it, senior citizen.” For those who do follow Formula One rivalries, the “senior citizen” is Mika Hakkinen and the “Sunday driver” driver is Michael Schumacher — two racing legends who famously battled each other in the 1990s. (Full article here:

Mercedes-Benz Sunday Driver Video | Holiday Commercial