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More FREE Music From Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape

Mercedes-Benz' marketing department understands the value of building relationships with the company's existing and target customers. They also understand the most cost-effective delivery channel for this marketing tactic is the Internet. Mixed Tape, an email marketing program by Mercedes-Benz USA, has just launched the 23rd compilation of free MP3 music files for your listening pleasure...

Track Events for AMG Enthusiasts

There are two upcoming track events for AMG Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. September 15, 2008 A group of AMG enthusiasts are heading to Roebling Road Raceway (Bloomingdale, GA) on Monday September 15, 2008. Audi enthusiasts are also invited. The event includes a full day of open track but registration is limited to only 25 attendees. The 2.02-mile...

Will the AMG SL65 Black Series live up to our expectations?

Will the AMG SL65 Black Series live up to our expectations? The corporate goal was to create the ultimate Black Series, a vehicle of outstanding prowess on track and off, whose every line and detail underscores its dominance and top-level performance a vehicle to appeal to each of the five senses. While development officially began...

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape is BACK – Download the mp3 files

This is a great Mercedes-Benz promo, free music CD available for download. Most of the artists are on MySpace but most of the songs on the MB promo can't be downloaded from their MySpace sites. The Mixed Tape promo comes out every 8 weeks or so and includes newcomers to the international music scene; rock,...

C63 AMG Makes North Am. Debut

The C63 AMG and S400 BLUETEC HYBRID are now making their North American debut at the Los Angeles Automobile Show (Nov. 16–25, 2007). The new C63 AMG sedan is powered by a 6.3-liter normally aspirated V8 that produces 451 horsepower and 443 lb. ft. of torque.  << MORE C63 AMG here >>

Ad Sales Down For Auto Related Mags, Year-to-date

GLEN ALLEN, VA ( | PR News): According to the latest data released by the Publishers Information Bureau, the year-to-date sale of magazine ad pages in the “automotive” category is down 12.7 percent. Overall magazine ad sales are up only 0.7 percent, largely due to the poor showing of auto ads in both auto mags...


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