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Track Events for AMG Enthusiasts

There are two upcoming track events for AMG Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. September 15, 2008 A group of AMG enthusiasts are heading to Roebling Road Raceway (Bloomingdale, GA) on Monday September 15, 2008. Audi enthusiasts are also invited. The event includes a full day of open track but registration is limited to only 25 attendees. The 2.02-mile...

Mercedes-Benz Marque of the Year

Mercedes-Benz is the Marque of the Year for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, which is a vintage race and an extensive car show in Pennsylvania. This year, the Mercedes-Benz Club is hosting StarTrack 2007: Pittsburgh Section Pittsburgh Section of Mercedes-Benz Club of America is pleased to host StarTrack 2007. In addition to StarTrack 2007, Mercedes-Benz...

StarTech 2007 Mercedes-Benz Club Technical Event

AMG Mercedes-Benz | Enthusiasts, PR News: National Mercedes-Benz Club event to take place  at the Hyatt Regency Reston (Virginia), May 19-21. The Greater Washington Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) is hosting StarTech 2007 – a national event all Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts will enjoy. StarTech is MBCA’s biennial technical seminar weekend. Focusing on maintenance,...

MBUSA To Continue Rebates for Club Members

VIRGINIA, Dec. 15 – | PR News – Mercedes-Benz USA has informed the Mercedes-Benz Club of America that it will continue the "MBCA Member Loyalty Program" until the end of 2007. The program allows members of the club to obtain rebates on certain vehicle purchases. For a $45 investment in club membership you can...

Will Mercedes Produce the S-Class Four-door Cabrio?

Our friends over at the Leftlane news blog have a post about the possibility of an S-class four door cabrio with production possible as soon as 2009. Here's an excerpt if you want to check it out:  Mercedes likely to produce S-Class four-door cabrio When rumors first broke in June that Mercedes was planning a...

Mercedes-Benz VIN Decoder – From Russia With Love

Do you need to know what all of those numbers mean? If you have a Mercedes-Benz manufactured after 1980, then check out the Mercedes-Benz Club of Russia website. There is a free online VIN decoder – from Russia with love! Here is an excerpt from the site: This service is primarily intended as a first...


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