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DaimlerChrysler Pays Heavy Fine for Gas Guzzlers

Let's hope this isn't a record Daimler repeats in 2008. The automaker paid a heavy fine in 2007 for failing to meet federal fuel-efficiency standards. The NY Times today published an article with more info – an excerpt and link to the full article follows: DaimlerChrysler paid a $30 million fine in 2007, the most...

AMG Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts – News

Remember the 1978 Mercedes 350 SLC AMG LeMans Car? AMG only built two of these cars and one is owned by Mercedes-AMG. It appears the other car is up for sale but is this car for real? According to the folks at "Bring a Trailer" it is!   1978 Mercedes 350 SLC AMG LeMans Car...

Cerberus Buys Majority Stake in DaimlerChrysler

Private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management is purchasing a controlling stake in the Chrysler division of DaimlerChrysler, which is selling 80 percent of the Chrysler Group for $7.4 billion. The financial genius' at Daimler purchased Chrysler for $36 billion in 1998. The following is a summary of the deal from Affiliate of Cerberus to...

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Vision C 220 BLUETEC

For those interested in the C-Class and BLUETEC developments, here's a press release from DaimlerChrysler released today: Mercedes-Benz unveils Vision C 220 BLUETEC in Geneva (DaimlerChrysler Release) New C-Class awarded Environment Certificate by German TÜV Mercedes-Benz is unveiling its highly environmentally-compatible BLUETEC emission-control technology in combination with a consumption-optimized four-cylinder engine for the first time...

New AMG E63 Performance Package Available in March 2007

A special AMG performance package will be available in March 2007 ex factory for the E63 AMG Saloon. The package, priced at 7,140 euros, includes various technical components that enhance the handling dynamics and the vehicles motorsport potential. It was developed for those interested in driving on closed-circuit racetracks. The AMG Performance Studio in Affalterbach...

Mercedes-Benz BLUETEC Wins Ward’s Ten Best Engines Award

The new Mercedes-Benz BLUETEC turbodiesel engine has been named one of the world's ten best engines by Ward’s Auto World magazine.  The V6 BLUETEC engine is the only diesel among the winners this year.  BLUETEC is a clean diesel system that combines several technologies to minimize exhaust emissions. The engine design includes advanced technologies such...


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