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190SL Group Convention – Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts

While I was away in Irvin, CA, enjoying a car party on Santa Monica Pier and a group visit to MBUSA’s Classic Center with a few hundred MBCA friends (details will be posted soon), other friend’s of mine were down south enjoying the 190SL Group Convention. If you’re interested in some of the finest 190SL...

AMG Enthusiasts Gather in Atlanta – Nov. 4-5

Schedule, hotel and registration information is provided below. Additional information concerning the event can be found on the MB World Discussion Forum. The event contact email address is: Southeast AMG Enthusiasts Meeting Atlanta, GA – November 4-5, 2006 Do you own a Mercedes-Benz AMG? If so, we would like to extend an invitation to...

Asbestos Exposure – Brake and Clutch Repair

It is smart to avoid exposure to asbestos, period. By law most professional auto shops must follow OSHA regulations. They are mandatory measures that employers must implement for brake and clutch inspection, disassembly, repair, and assembly operations. But how about the do-it-yourselfer or home mechanic? The risk of asbestos exposure is real and the health...

Performance Studio Supports AMG Enthusiasts

Have it your way. When AMG’s high-performance modifications just aren’t enough for you, now you can request special equipment and additional components directly from Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division is creating a Performance Studio to support enthusiast models. During an interview with Volk Mornhinweb, CEO of AMG, conducted by Alistair Weaver (Edmunds’ Inside Line), MBUSA clarifies...

C32 AMG Life – Site Dedicated to the Mercedes C32 AMG

C32 AMG Supercharged Mercedes – W203 Looking for a C32 pre-purchase checklist developed by a C32 owner? Want a list of known problems and recommended solutions for this AMG? If you own a C32 or you’re looking to purchase one, this is an excellent site to visit. The content was developed by C32 owners and...

There is a Fan Club Website For What?

True auto enthusiasts know this product and many rave about it. But, did you know there is an official “Fan Club” website for this product? What is the product and what is it used for? Let’s start with the uses: Helps clean sidewalls on tires Removes tar from chassis Removes decals from windows and bumper...


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