Posts tagged "mercedes benz usa" Special Pricing Discounts for AMG Driving Academy

We don’t have a coupon code for you, but we do have an easy way to save hundreds of dollars on the AMG Driving Academy registration fees. Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) allows members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) to attend the AMG high performance driving school at a discount (USA tracks). Given it is...

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape with 10 New Songs

The Mercedes-Benz’ marketing department periodically provides the public with free MP3 songs or tracks through a program they call, “Mixed Tapes.”  Basically, it is an email marketing program by Mercedes-Benz USA. And, they have significantly expanded the program with their online TV show featuring audio-visual highlights from around the world. The latest edition of “Mixed...

More FREE Music From Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape

Mercedes-Benz' marketing department understands the value of building relationships with the company's existing and target customers. They also understand the most cost-effective delivery channel for this marketing tactic is the Internet. Mixed Tape, an email marketing program by Mercedes-Benz USA, has just launched the 23rd compilation of free MP3 music files for your listening pleasure...

AMG Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts Weekly Update

Here’s what we found surfing the web for you this week: RENNTECH’s Package 2, 63 Series AMG (Press Release) MB Customer Satisfaction is on the Rise (JD Powers Study) Britney Spears Rolls in an AMG SL65 (Video) Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow is Robocar 2057 (Design Challenge) AMG Market News Summary Lake Park, FL, Oct. 30, 2007: RENNtech...

Mercedes-Benz Owners Online, Free Web-based Manuals

Have questions about your Mercedes-Benz? Can’t determine the best way to keep up with maintenance? Try Mercedes-Benz Owners Online, a free web-based service provided by Mercedes-Benz. Although this service is provided free to Mercedes-Benz owners, dealers often forget to inform new car purchasers about the website. Owners Online grants you easy access to specific information...


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