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At the AMG Mercedes-Benz Private Lounge

AMG Mercedes has a special forum for owners at the AMG Private Lounge. For example, on March 26 a team of AMG specialists will answer questions during a live forum event. You can register for the site using your VIN. Once registered, you can participate in the discussions and/or read the posts if you missed...

Mercedes-Benz VIN Decoder – From Russia With Love

Do you need to know what all of those numbers mean? If you have a Mercedes-Benz manufactured after 1980, then check out the Mercedes-Benz Club of Russia website. There is a free online VIN decoder – from Russia with love! Here is an excerpt from the site: This service is primarily intended as a first...

AMG Private Lounge – MBUSA Site For AMG Owners

Limited to the US market (for now anyway), the AMG Private Lounge is an online community of AMG owners. The site allows AMG owners to access exclusive AMG insider news, connect with other AMG owners, and review in-depth engine specifications. The site is sponsored and managed by Mercedes-Benz AMG. You need your VIN to register...


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