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AMG Market News: Mercedes-Benz Light-alloy Wheels

Mercedes-Benz has released extensive press materials for their light-alloy wheels. The following press release covers Mercedes-Benz wheel design through testing. And, of course, includes the marketing accolades to the hilt (impressive, exemplary, exclusive appearance, the list goes on…). Photos of the Mercedes-Benz wheels are included below. All-round success: light-alloy wheels from Mercedes-Benz – Impressive design...

The Tires of Tomorrow – No Sidewall, No Air, Just Tweel

No sidewall, no air, no flats, just “tweel.” A revolutionary new tire design by Michelin – given the name Tweel – has been in development at the company’s Greenville, South Carolina research and development facility since 1995. The Tweel is available for low-speed vehicles such as wheelchairs, Segways, and military vehicles. Currently, the Tweel is...


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