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Whether online or off, running a profitable publishing company is immensely competitive and challenging to say the least. Realizing your fullest competitive advantage is a daily task. Based on our broad range of publishing experience, AIM Custom Media provides the planning and management services needed to achieve a profitable future. We focus on marketing your strengths - the only thing that matters to your customers.

Strategic Planning
Resource Management
Electronic Publishing
Magazine & Directory Publishing Synergies
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We love what we do, and we are skilled in the areas of online marketing, strategic planning, budgeting, cash-flow projection, content development, and managing by goals and objectives. We help management teams lead and we produce results that increase your bottom line.

Why custom publishing?

Leading U.S. companies spend nearly a quarter of their marketing, advertising, and communication budgets on custom publications; marketing directors at the nation’s top companies are well aware of the benefits.

A Roper study concluded that,

Consumers would rather learn about a company
from a custom magazine than an ad.

How do custom publications perform with respect to establishing long-term customer relationships, promoting loyalty, and increasing customer retention? Marketing directors with custom publishing experience reported that,

Custom publications outrank the effectiveness of Internet advertising, telemarketing, print ads, television ads, and radio ads.

  • 92% rate it effective at relationship building,
  • 88% rate it effective at generating loyalty, and
  • 83% rated custom publishing effective at client retention.

Contact us if you would like to know more about the current trends. eoecho develops, launches, and manages publishing solutions customized to meet your goals and your budget.

Strategic Planning

Success in the publishing business lies in your ability to translate goals and objectives into completed tasks - on budget and on time. With the right strategy for your publication, management can effectively manage budgets, deadlines, vendors, and staff. Strategic planning is the cornerstone of the publishing process.

eoecho diligently follows a systematic approach:

  • Identify short and long-term goals and objectives,
  • Prepare management-based project plans outlining specific tasks for each of your team members,
  • Assign accountabilitiy to the resources necessary for completion of project plans,
  • Monitor progress, and
  • Measure results.

Whether you want to revisit your current strategy or create a new one, eoecho works with you.


Too often, publishing ventures run out of gas due to under capitalization. Your budgeting, planning, and cash-flow forecasting are paramount tools when making management decisions. AIM Custom Media can help.

Our consultants are experts in the budgeting process when it comes to publishing, no matter how simple or complex your needs. Common projects performed for our clients include:

  • Review of historical financials for creation of current and future budgeting alignment,
  • Help identify potential roadblocks to your publishing success, and
  • Compare projections against known industry norms and publishing standards.

Ask any successful publisher; budgeting is key to your success. We guide our clients through the process so your projections and assumptions are on target, but flexible enough to meet challenging business conditions you'll face without question.

Resource Management

Getting the most from your available resources is a difficult task. There is a limit to your talent, time and money. For publishers, people are your main resource. Your employees make your company successful; therefore, expert recruiting, proper training, and the right compensation packages are paramount. eoecho offers:

  • Discreet employee search and recruitment
  • Creation and/or review of position descriptions
  • On-site training
  • Sales & marketing incentive programs
  • Review of your current team's salaries and benefits

Electronic Publishing

With rapid innovation in the publishing arena, electronic publishing has become the norm instead of the exception. Offering an electronic publication is now expected, if not required, to serve your readers.

And like all publishers today, you probably use computers to manage your order processing, production department, financial management, email newsletters, and to support your sales & marketing efforts. eoecho can help in many ways:

  • Automating your sales force with portable PC's running efficient contact management software;
    Computer support for telemarketing operations (ACD selection and installation);
  • Syncronizing remote sales and financial data for use by the home office;
  • Marketing database selection and setup so you can quickly access customer information, product purchases, and ordering patterns;
  • Automating page design, layout and related production activities followed by electronic delivery of your publication to your printer or directly to your readers (email publications, etc.); and
  • Providing full-service electronic publishing or software recommendations for the preparation and deliver of email newsletters.

Magazine & Directory Publishing Synergies

Many experienced publishers augment their revenue by creating directory publications. They branch out and create directories that enhance their visibility in the market they serve while creating new revenue streams. eoecho has extensive directory publishing experience, which includes creating additional profit centers for our clients.

  • Research editorials program to capitalize on the strengths of both magazine and directory markets;
  • Organize a directory publishing program, whether in house or through the use of outside vendors;
  • Prepare strategic marketing plans for new directories and/or other editorial products; and
  • Analyze results and determine the best direction for continued directory development.

Temporary Management

Your staff leaves, a new project develops, or you just need temporary help. eoecho offers temporary management and support services. Because our staff knows publishing, there is little ramp up time. Just call, we arrive and we get started fast. Our consultants quickly take charge of the task at hand. Among many other things, we:

  • Acclimate to your management processes fast, and work within them;
  • Work hand-in-hand with your staff to accomplish the set priorities;
  • Work within your budget alloted for the project;
  • Provide guidance and training to your staff while working with them;
  • Provide you with expert feedback about your current systems; and
  • Introduce you to new sources of information and new vendors.

Our temporary management rates are more reasonable and competitive then you probably think. And, you don't have to pay the added costs of recruiting firms and/or employee benefits. The next time you have a problem that needs immediate HELP, just give us a call - we can help put out the fires.

Again, our mission is to help our clients grow their business through proven, time saving, and cost-effective marketing and management strategies. When it comes time to grow your business, we work diligently and we produce results.

AIM Custom Media | custom magazines, newsletters, websites, blogs


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We respond to all RFPs in a timely and professional manner. Once we discuss your objectives, we'll provide a detailed proposal that meets your needs. Our goal is building long-term relationships with our clients.

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Auto Responder Communication Software - building strong relationships with our clients and associates is a priority 24/7. After researching and testing numerous programs, we selected a provider that shares our philosophy. The link above takes you directly to their site. Are you using Constant Contact? We considered it, but found twice the benefits with this provider for half the cost. << more >>

Automated autoresponder follow up increases sales, lowers costs, builds lasting customer relationships, and helps you increase profits. AIM Custom Media can help you set up a program that keeps you in front of your customers - email for details.

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